Rich Paul Dismisses Package Deal Between LeBron and Bronny James

Rich Paul Dismisses Package Deal Between LeBron and Bronny James

Rich Paul, one of the most influential agents in the NBA, has ended speculations by dismissing the notion of a package deal involving LeBron James and his son, Bronny James. Contrary to rumors, Paul emphasized that drafting Bronny is not a tactic to lure LeBron to re-sign with any team.

Paul's Primary Goal: A Good Fit for Bronny

Paul, known for his strategic approach to player placement, made it clear that his primary focus is to ensure Bronny finds a team that aligns with his developmental needs. "The goal is to find a team that values your guy and try to push him to get there," said Paul. He underscored the importance of a stable and developmental environment for Bronny, who is emerging as a promising talent.

Shielding Bronny from Unnecessary Draft Workouts

A key part of Paul's strategy involves shielding Bronny from unnecessary draft workouts. He believes that an excess of workouts doesn't necessarily translate to genuine interest from teams. "Workouts aren't everything for these teams," Paul remarked, emphasizing that true developmental plans matter more than the number of workouts.

Current Team Interests and Workouts

Bronny has already worked out with both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns. However, Paul doesn't prioritize the team or the draft position over the right fit. "I don't care about him going to the Lakers, or Phoenix, or about what number he gets picked. It's about fit," he asserted.

The Phoenix Suns have the 22nd pick in the draft, while the Lakers hold the No. 55 overall pick. Bronny is considered to be within that range. Other teams showing interest in Bronny include Minnesota, Dallas, and Toronto. Each of these teams presents unique opportunities and challenges.

Dallas: A Strong Personal Connection

The Dallas Mavericks are considered a strong contender for Bronny, primarily due to personal connections. "[Mavs GM] Nico Harrison is like an uncle to Bronny," Paul mentioned, highlighting the close relationship that could influence Bronny's future with the Mavericks.

Paul's Vision for Bronny's Development

Paul is keen on placing Bronny in a team where he can genuinely develop, rather than securing a two-way contract, which he deems less beneficial for genuine growth. "It’s hard to get real development on a two-way deal," he pointed out, stressing the need for a stable and nurturing team environment.

LeBron's Free Agency

Adding another layer to the scenario, LeBron James is expected to enter the market as an unrestricted free agent. While some speculate that drafting Bronny could be a factor in LeBron's decision, Paul has dismissed these notions. "There's no deal made that it's guaranteed if the Lakers draft Bronny at 55, he [LeBron] will re-sign," he clarified.

Bronny's Performance and Potential

Bronny played 25 games for USC, averaging 4.8 points and 2.8 rebounds per game. These statistics indicate his potential, but Paul is focused on ensuring that Bronny joins a team that values his abilities and offers a pathway to develop further. "It's important to understand the context and realize that this has always been the strategy with many of my clients throughout the years, especially those in need of development like Bronny," Paul explained.

Minnesota and Toronto's Interest

Among the interested teams, Minnesota's situation remains uncertain due to potential changes in ownership. "Minnesota would love to get Bronny in, but I don't know who their owner is going to be," Paul remarked. Toronto's president has also shown interest in Bronny, despite his limited workouts with the team.


Rich Paul's dedication to securing the best environment for Bronny James is evident. By navigating the complexities of the NBA draft and prioritizing genuine developmental opportunities, Paul aims to place Bronny with a team that truly values his potential. Whether it's the Lakers, Suns, Mavericks, Timberwolves, or Raptors, the decision will ultimately hinge on the best fit to foster Bronny's growth into a successful NBA player.